Mystery Shopper Pros Rules and Guidelines     
  1.   I agree to perform all shops to the best of my ability.
  2.   I agree to perform all shops with honesty and integrity.
  3.   I agree to submit all reports on or before the deadline.
  4.   I agree to honor all confidentiality agreements.
  5.   I agree to give immediate notice to the shopping company if I cannot
      perform a shop for any reason.
  6.   I agree to return follow up calls or e-mails in a timely manner.
  7.   I agree to keep paperwork and notes for at least 60 days in case
      questions arise by the client.
  8.   I will not perform a shop unless I have thoroughly read each question
      on the survey and the guidelines provided by the shopping provider.
  9.   I will not falsify or misrepresent reports.
  10.   I will not ask or encourage anyone to break confidentiality agreements
      with other firms for whom they conduct mystery-shopping assignments.
  11.   I will not use the media to publish complaints against vendors, clients,
      shoppers or mystery shopper providers.
  12.   I will not share information with others on which company shops which clients.
  13.   I will not share information with others on shopping fees and
      reimbursements for specific clients.
  14.   I will not share the results of a shop with others in order to protect the
      client’s confidentiality.
  15.   I will not perform any shops under the influence of illegal drugs, or
      prescription drugs that might impair my abilities.
  16.   I agree not to become inebriated or drink beyond the legal limits set forth in
      my state or perform any other activity that may cause harm to others or
      myself while mystery shopping.
  17.   I will not contact a client directly without approval of the shopping company.
  18.   I will not disrupt the normal business flow of an operation in the process
      of performing a shop (do not cause a scene).
  19.   I will not announce myself as a mystery shopper to the business being
      shopped unless given specific instructions by the shopping company to do so.
  20.   I will not accept a mystery shopping assignment for a business for which family,
      friends or I work for.
  21.   I will not list any shopping company I work for as an “employee” on any
      forms (especially unemployment forms) if I am hired strictly as an
      independent contractor for that company.

Shoppers are matched with assignments based on their certification status, education
and skill set.  If you are serious in about becoming a mystery shopper, we strongly urge
you to apply through the
MSPA and obtain your certification.


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