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7 Steps to your Business Success


We work with you and your management team to determine the goals and objectives for your program and the key areas of focus.  Once the goals and areas focus have been determined, the questionnaires are developed that ensure all of the objectives are met.  The Data is collected by our mystery shoppers to give the necessary feedback for each of your locations.  The Data is reported to us online so it is always available at real time on the web.  We then work very closely with your management team to identify the problems and solutions.  Your team than implements the solutions back into the business plan or corrects the problem at the individual location. We than resend our mystery shoppers back to the location to see if the implementations have been corrected...










                    1. Business Success Model

2. Questionnaire Development






                                                                              7. Return to Step 3




     6.  Implement Solutions

                                                                                                                                                    3. Data Acquisition










                     5. Identifying Solutions




                                                                              4. Deliver Reports




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