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Accepting an Assignment

Mystery Shopper Pros assignments will come through your e-mail.  So, you MUST have your shopper profile updated at all times.  Log back in and make modifications to it whenever your phone, address or email changes.  Incorrect information could result in delayed payments.

We schedule shops through an automated system that uses latitude and longitude, as well as zip code.  For this reason there is no reason to campaign via schedulers.  The best way you can make yourself known is by doing a good job, accepting multiple shops.  They will begin to recognize you through the system as your history enhances.  This will build your reputation.  Calling and e-mailing us is not necessary. 

Another way you can receive an assignment through us is by logging in to our system and checking for available shops in your area.  After you have logged in, you will see this box located to the right hand side of the screen:

You want to click on “Show me visits I can accept”.  This link will show you if there is anything available.

Finally, many companies allow you to view boards by city or state. We do not post most of our shops publicly so that our best shoppers get a chance to see them first. The key is to know the company’s system, so you work within it.  This will save you time.  Building a good base of companies takes time.  Do good work and you will build a good base of shopping companies for yourself. 


Entering the Assignment

After you have completed your shop onsite, over the phone or online, it is time to enter it into our system.  To do this, you will log on to our website with your username and password.  Once you have done this, you will come to a screen that has your assignment.

In the screen shot below, we see the shopper has one assignment which needs to be entered into the system.  To find the form, the shopper will click on “View visit details or fill out the form”.   

On the next page you will see a box with options.  You want to click on “Enter the form and complete this visit”.

Now your form is open and you can fill it out.  To do this, enter your information into the comment boxes.  Be sure to fill out EVERY SINGLE comment box with detail and leave nothing un-scored or unanswered.  In the example below, the areas the shopper needed to fill out in this section are highlighted in yellow.  

Save your work often.  If you are working on your form and need to save it and come back later, you will click on the tab below which can be found at the top of your evaluation.  

Once you have filled out all sections of the form, scored every question and spellchecked your answers, you are ready to submit it.  At the bottom of the form, you will see the box below. 

Once it has been submitted, you cannot get your report back so be sure you have given it a good looked over before submitting it.  We also recommend that before submitting it, you print a copy for your records.

Then click the button (above) and your shop will be on its way.  If it submitted properly you will receive a confirmation #, keep it as well to be on the safe side.  Editors may have follow up questions so please check your e-mail to allow us to do our job.  It is a requirement.   

* If after submitting your report it returns to your screen, there are errors that will be highlighted in RED that need to be fixed. Make sure that you pop-up blocker is turned off so that you can receive instructions on why the question was answered wrong.  Fix the problem and try resubmitting it.  The form will not go through until all errors are fixed.



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