To-Go/Carry Out Mystery Shop Evaluation

At Mystery Shopper Pros we are committed to working with you so that we can
customize your restaurant mystery shopping program to meet your specific needs.


This includes:


(These reports can be mixed and matched with each other to create one report)

The reports are designed to measure the guest's total To-Go/Drive-In Experience.  Each
restaurant can have their own unique set of data based on their operational needs.

This information gives management invaluable customer perspective and a measurable
quality of your operations results.  This information becomes powerful over time, as
cumulative data shows important trends and your guests opinions.

The information also provides opportunities to recognize outstanding employee
performance, management performance and training results.  In many cases awards and
bonuses can be awarded based on these scores and subsequent improvements.

We also believe in celebrating the success of our top performer who achieved overall
excellence.  This award is presented to the best restaurant at the end of every quarter
and one for the best overall restaurant of each year. Read more


If you would like further information about our mystery shopping program and would like a Sales Representative to contact you, please Click here and fill out the form provided.




On Site Trial Mystery Shop Evaluation

Give us a try with no obligation.  Let us show you how our services can benefit your company through an On-Site Trial Mystery Shopping Evaluation.  If you are interested in gaining a customer perception of your business, fill out the Trial Mystery Shop Agreement Form and fax it to: 973-551-7480.            







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